Spotlight on: Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau

3rd February 2021

This week’s blog focuses on Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau, and we’ll hear from Alison Clunie, Money Advisor. Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau offers free impartial advice on benefits, consumer issues, immigration, workplace disputes and much more.

Alison shared her thoughts on RACA and the real cost of high-interest credit:

“I think RACA is important in order to raise awareness of affordable credit and all options available. High-interest credit companies have an advertising budget and target consumers, so of course people might think of these companies first. This could mean they end up paying back a substantial amount more than they borrowed and they may not be aware of this. We’ve seen our clients get into difficulties because of having multiple pay-day style loans as well as store cards etc.

At the moment, because there has been so many changes so quickly, on social media and our columns, we’ve been trying to get the word out to make sure people aren’t missing out on benefits, furlough, any help available etc. As you can imagine, we’ve had a lot of employment enquiries as well as benefits and people struggling financially.”

Alison is a very committed member of RACA, attending all the events and ensuring she is providing the most up to date information both to her customer and other RACA members. She’s very dedicated to making sure that local people are getting the best out of their money, and using all the available resources to make it go further. Furthermore, Alison is friendly and knows the best way to communicate with just about everyone. 

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