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From living through a global pandemic straight into a cost-of-living crisis the need for clear messages about managing money, debt and savings has never been needed more.

Who? The Renfrewshire Affordable Credit Alliance, or RACA, is made up of a variety of organisations including Renfrewshire Council, credit unions and not-for-profit social enterprises such as Fair For You and other affordable lenders, to help you access fair and affordable forms of credit. We also partner with the Stop Loan Sharks campaign to educate people about what a loan shark is and how to avoid using them.

Why? These organisations have come together to champion fair and honest finance – and ensure everyone, no matter their income level, has better options that help reduce the risk of them falling into problem debt. Affordable credit can help people who are unable to access loans or credit from banks or credit cards, called mainstream credit, and who may be at risk of using higher-cost credit or illegal lenders such as loan sharks.


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Credit Unions

Credit Unions offer members a variety of financial products and services based on savings and loans. With 5 operating across Renfrewshire, there is plenty of choice.

Other Credit Sources

There are other ways to get credit if you cannot get a bank, building society or credit union loan. Find out all about the other credit sources available here.

Banks & Credit Score

Banks can seem like intimidating places but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Find out all you need to know about banks and what they can offer you right here.


We know that dealing with debt on your own can be a real struggle. There are organisations out there that can help.


Our guide can help you if you work with people and talk about money but this is not your main priority.

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