Money & Pensions Service | Financial wellbeing in Scotland

POSTED: 11th April 2021

This week’s blog looks at financial wellbeing and is written by Kevin Duffy, Partnerships Manager at Money & Pensions Service whose mission is to ensure everyone in the UK can easily access the information needed to make the right financial decisions throughout life. The importance of financial education in Scotland Financial wellbeing (also commonly called‘ financial wellness’) […]

Debt Awareness Week 2021

POSTED: 23rd March 2021

This Debt Awareness Week (22nd to 28th March 2021), we wanted to highlight five services available in Renfrewshire that offer fair and honest financial support and guidance.  Credit Unions Offering a wide range of financial products (including loans), credit unions are not-for-profit and treat each member as an individual. This ethos helps to provide members […]

A Credit Union Car Loan? Your Questions Answered.

POSTED: 3rd March 2021

This week, Scotwest Credit Union kindly shared their expertise and guidance with us on their car loan options. Not sure what a Credit Union is? Click here to learn more about the benefits. The new ’21’ registration plates are on their way and you might be thinking about buying a new car or like many […]

UWS Funding & Advice: National Student Money Week

POSTED: 21st February 2021

This Student Money Week, we heard from Student Support Advisor, Louise Reid, from the University of the West of Scotland Funding & Advice Team. Louise shared her thoughts on the importance of having access to credit options and planning for the unexpected: “Working with RACA is so important to us here at UWS Funding & […]

Spotlight on: Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau

POSTED: 3rd February 2021

This week’s blog focuses on Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau, and we’ll hear from Alison Clunie, Money Advisor. Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau offers free impartial advice on benefits, consumer issues, immigration, workplace disputes and much more.  Alison shared her thoughts on RACA and the real cost of high-interest credit: “I think RACA is important in order […]

Talk Money Week Blog from our Chair

POSTED: 1st December 2020

It’s Talk Money Week. Money is an inherently sensitive topic and one we’re not so good at discussing. It’s personal. And furthermore there’s still shame attached to either managing money badly, or not having enough of it in the first place.   According to the prepaid account app Pockit, in Apr 2019 there were 1.2m […]

Gleniffer Credit Union

POSTED: 25th August 2020

Volunteering In Renfrewshire – 2 min read This week’s blogs we’re looking at Gleniffer Credit Union, and will hear from its assitant treasurer Kathleen. Gleniffer Credit Union (GCU) serves the communities in PA1, PA2 and PA3 postcodes and is supported in its day to day running almost entirely by local residents and members of the […]

RACA Summer Event. 2 min read

POSTED: 7th July 2020

Hi, I am the Social Media Volunteer here at RACA :). I am also a person who is being shielded under Scottish Government advice. It has been difficult at times, but after living with a lung condition from birth I am determined that Covid-19 is coming nowhere near me! It has been good to volunteer while at […]

Spreading the Word – Becoming an Affordable Credit Evangelist

POSTED: 5th June 2020

Until a few years ago I didn’t really think of credit as necessary. I didn’t really understand how it worked. I didn’t know the effect not having access to credit could have. I thought if you couldn’t afford something you should just save up.