Where to get advice

Many organisations in Renfrewshire offer advice and support around money. Whether you want help to manage your money better, make sure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to or if your debt is becoming a problem there are organisations out there that can help.

We know that dealing with money and debt on your own can sometimes be a real struggle and can have a negative effect on your mental health so if you feel money worries are causing you stress it can be really beneficial to speak to someone.

If you or someone has issues with social security benefits, are struggling with debt or are having difficulty managing their budget, Renfrewshire Council’s Advice Works service can provide advice. They offer free, confidential and independent advice on money and debt issues including budgeting, negotiating with creditors, and mortgage and rent arrears – as well as checking you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to, UK and Scottish.

Advice Works also works with various partners on projects such as with Macmillan Cancer providing support to those with a cancer diagnosis, long-term health conditions and Families First supporting families with young children, they also work with INVEST for clients who are looking for employment.

To make an appointment call Advice Works on 0300 300 1238 or email

Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau is a local, independent charity which provides free, impartial and confidential advice and information to give you the tools you need to sort out any issues or problems.

The bureau is at the heart of the community and offer lots of different types of advice and support, including around debt and money, welfare benefits, work, housing, family and consumer support. They also offer a free community legal service.

Contact the CAB directly by calling 0141 889 2121 or use their online enquiry email button on the home page at

The Funding and Advice service are a team of Student Support Advisers within the University of the West of Scotland; offering specialist advice and guidance on matters relating to student funding and how best to manage your money.

We can offer support with:

  • Queries relating to student funding packages
  • The impact that being a student has on benefits
  • Information on support with childcare costs & additional funding
  • Guidance on budgeting, debt, housing and any other financial issues affecting students

Whether you are a current student or thinking of studying at UWS, see for more details.

Are money worries are making you anxious or stressed? Or are you experiencing longer, more intense, periods of low mood or depression?
Organisations like Recovery Across Mental Health (RAMH) may be able to help.RAMH provides professional care and services to those affected by mental ill health; depression, self harm, bipolar disorder,
anxiety and other conditions.If you think RAMH can help you, please download the RAMH Referral Form (2020) and contact us on 0141 847 8900 or enquiries@ramh.orgWatch our short video for some information on financial stress and where to get support in Renfrewshire.

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