UWS Funding & Advice: National Student Money Week

21st February 2021

This Student Money Week, we heard from Student Support Advisor, Louise Reid, from the University of the West of Scotland Funding & Advice Team.

Louise shared her thoughts on the importance of having access to credit options and planning for the unexpected:

“Working with RACA is so important to us here at UWS Funding & Advice team as coming together, sharing what we know, increasing our knowledge and making community links helps us as money advisers to best serve our students. 

We are involved with RACA as we are a big part of the Renfrewshire community and having local knowledge networks is the absolute best way to support our students.

Credit is part of everyone’s lives and students can often have less options and be less attractive to creditors due to low incomes, perhaps not being in employment or unstable credit histories. RACA helps us to direct students to trustworthy and clear advice on affordable forms of credit. Helping our students to manage their finances better by learning about ethical and fair options and not falling prey to illegal or unfair types of lending. 

This year’s NSMW (National Student Money Week) is based around “Expect the Unexpected” and we are keen to help students and our local communities alike to prepare financially for life’s ups and downs.

Affordable credit and RACA are so relevant to this as it is often in times of need that people need to consider credit, especially if they are already on a low income. Being able to access information and advice about credit and options that are both fair and available to all are vital when life throws you a challenge. 

RACA and the local community can also benefit from our advice on getting finances in order, budgeting, preparing a safety net, starting a savings habit and asking for help when you need it. Our website gives free advice on everything from understanding your spending habits to getting a mortgage. We also have lots of tools and downloads and resources that anyone can use.”

National Student Money Advice Week runs from 22nd to 26th February. The UWS Funding and Advice Team will offer a fantastic range of resources and events focusing on financial guidance. Click here to learn more or follow them on Twitter for the latest updates: @UWS_Funding

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