Money & Pensions Service | Talk Money Week 2021

8th November 2021

As part of Talk Money Week 2021, RACA is delighted to host a free virtual event for practitioners on Tuesday 9th November from 10am – 11:30am. The session will feature a range of special guest speakers including a presentation from Kevin Duffy, Scotland Partnership Manager at the Money and Pensions Service.

Thank you to Kevin, who has also provided a blog to highlight the benefits of Talk Money Week and how getting involved can help improve financial wellbeing.

It’s good to talk money

Every November, the Money and Pensions Service invigorates organisations all over the UK to plug into the Talk Money Week movement and support conversations around this all-important topic. From children and young people to their parents and carers, from pocket money to pensions, it provides an opportunity to observe the great work taking place across the country to build financial wellbeing in a range of settings. Talk Money Week 2021 runs from 8 – 12 November and our Participation Pack contains resources, information and ideas to boost involvement in the annual campaign.

Research demonstrates that individuals who talk about money:

  • make better and less risky financial decisions
  • have stronger personal relationships
  • help their children form good lifetime money habits
  • feel less stressed or anxious and more in control

That’s why it’s so important to encourage people to talk about money. If we are able to improve money conversations in everyday life and increase financial resilience, people will gain a greater understanding of critical factors like access to fair and affordable credit, navigating debt and managing their budget – and ultimately become better equipped to deal with unforeseen costs or challenges.

Talking about money isn’t currently one of Scotland’s favourite subjects but this initiative can really contribute to making it more commonplace. Could your organisation help us talk money this year?

The importance of financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is about feeling secure and in control. It is about making the most of your money day to day, dealing with the unexpected, and being on track for a healthy financial future. In short: financially resilient, confident and empowered. Arguably, this has never been more important for Scotland and the rest of the UK.

As we slowly ease out of the pandemic into a ‘new normal’, with a gradual return to the physical office environment and government support measures easing, we’ve reached a critical point. Now is the time to champion the case for financial wellbeing in the workplace and beyond, and Talk Money Week is a great first step in the right direction.

We help people

Sponsored by the Department for Work and Pensions, the Money and Pensions Service is an arms-length body and our vision is “Everyone making the most of their money and pensions”.

We’re here to transform financial wellbeing in the UK and we help people by ensuring everyone feels more in control of their finances throughout their lives. Our free and impartial guidance allows consumers to make informed decisions in their lifetime, from everyday money management and using credit, through to choosing the right financial product for their circumstances and saving for the future.

A financially healthy nation is good for the places we live and work. It allows businesses and the economy to function more productively. That’s why financial wellbeing matters for all of us. Earlier this year, we launched our new consumer service, MoneyHelper, which brought together the well-respected legacy services of the Money Advice Service, the Pensions Advisory Service and Pension Wise. MoneyHelper is here to make money and pension choices clearer with free and impartial guidance that’s backed by government.

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