Introducing Our Affordable Credit Officer | Talk Money Week 2021

8th November 2021

This is an exciting week here at RACA HQ. A new dedicated Affordable Credit Officer (AFO) is taking up post.

Yvonne Hughes comes from a Third Sector background in the comms and public affairs team for a national charity. We are grateful that Renfrewshire Council has funded this one-year project with a view to embedding affordable credit as the only credible alternative to high-cost credit borrowing options and to stamp out illegal money lending by using our network of practitioners who deal with vulnerable groups to spread our message.

Yvonne is really keen to create more effective partnerships and will do this by seeking out groups to talk to about our work on offering fair and honest alternatives to high cost borrowing which can help people with low incomes keep more money in their pockets – could this be you or a group you know? We want to hear from you, to listen and be guided by you or your groups’ needs. Contact to learn more.

This week also marks the start of the Money and Pensions Service Talk Money Week and the focus is on…S3CR3TS. Talk Money Week aims to open up discussions around how we keep our money fears a secret and offers a way to speak to those closest to us about it or visit independent website for more tips.

Please join the conversation online at #Talk Money

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