Have you heard of Multiply?

29th June 2023

Have you heard of Multiply? If you have heard that there is a Renfrewshire wide drive to help residents learn to use numbers better ā€“ we are taking part! If you have not, read on for more….

We will be running two-hour individual Workshops to help people to manage their finances better. We want to work with local groups in the community to help you to navigate all the things we find difficult around money and finances.

Our workshops are for any level and will encourage you to participate where no questions is silly to ask.

Through interactive quizzing, video and chat let us unravel the jargon around money including

  • Your household bills, subscriptions, contracts and insurance
  • Types of credit and why borrowing money can make you worse off?
  • What exactly is APR and interest on loans?
  • What is a credit score? Can I improve it?
  • Iā€™m in crisis and need a washing machine, where can I go?
  • What is local and ethical credit?
  • How can I save money?

Get in touch using our contact button to arrange a Workshop. All welcome.

Click here for a full list of Multiply course and other providers go to: Help to use numbers and improve maths skills (Multiply) – Renfrewshire Website

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